THE ACADEMY OF CULINARY NUTRITION (Culinary Nutrition Expert, CNE program)
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We are so proud to be affiliated with Brown Bagging For Calgary Kids.

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of our Fit Tube products benefit Brown Bagging For Calgary's Kids (BB4CK) .

Caryn is a Culinary Nutrition Expert, Certified Health Coach, Fitness Professional and mother who is passionate about teaching people how to transform their lives through exercise and nutrition, one habit change at a time.

"I believe nutrition is the foundation to our overall health and where our focus needs to be in order to be the best version of ourselves". Nutrition really is a journey but it doesn’t need to be complicated. Through seminars, coaching sessions and cooking classes, Caryn is thrilled to teach the importance of being an advocate for your own health by demonstrating how to turn healthy, natural, unprocessed ingredients into delicious meals that nourish the entire family and build healthy bodies from the inside out.

Draw a line in the sand when it comes to nutrition: We are cooking from scratch because every ingredient counts! By cooking with Simply Fit Foods, there is no more calorie counting, only healthy, nutritious meals that taste delicious!

HEALTH COACH INSTITUTE (Certified Health Coach, CHC program)


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